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STD Testing Clinics

Our clinic provides confidential and convenient testing for the members of the Free Speech Coalition.

STD Testing Clinic is a proud partner of the Free Speech Coalition.

Performers should only use testing facilities affiliated with the Free Speech Coalition to guarantee data on availability will be updated in the PASS database.

We follow consistent standards and guidelines for testing and treatment of adult performers.  Treatment and consultation for performers is available at our clinic if needed.


We can help performers meet all of their testing needs including:

  • Convenient and fast testing at one of our two main offices.
  • Our clinic has Board Certified Doctors and Nurse Practitioners who can provide consultation and treatment to anyone with positive results.

We know how important your privacy is.  We adhere to all privacy laws and guarantee that your results are kept completely confidential.  We ensure that your testing is an easy process for your convenience.

Our Performer Testing meets the recommendations from the Free Speech Coalition.  The test includes only the best and up to date methods for accurate testing.



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